Saturday, March 4, 2017

Complete Sets for sale

For the first time I am ready to sell some complete sets of my previous models.

Available models

MAP RC Chassis (+info)
MAP Manual Chassis (+info)
MAP Jeep Willys (+info)
MAP Land-Rover Series II 88 (+info)
MAP Land-Rover Defender 90 Bodywork (+info)
MAP Land-Rover Defender 110 3 doors Bodywork (+info)
MAP Land-Rover Defender 110 5 doors Bodywork (+info)

Land-Rover Defender 110 (+info)
Mercedes 300SL (+info)
Kamov KA-32 (+info)

Under request

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (RC and Manual) (+info)
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (RC and Manual) (+info)
VW Beetle (RC and Manual) (+info)
VW Type 2 Bus (RC and Manual) (+info)
Any other MAP bodywork, please, just ask

MOCs under request require enough time for being done, due to difficulty for finding some of the specific pieces. Normally It takes over 3-4 weeks.

If you need more info about these models, please, just ask

All of them includes all parts in one package and the instructions (by download).

All parts are new, it only have been assembled once to be sure it is 100% complete. Obviously it will be sent you completely disassembled.

MAP RC Chassis

(REF 050) 455 parts

MAP Manual Chassis
(REF 051) 507 parts

MAP Jeep Willys Bodywork
(REF 060) 396 parts

MAP Land-Rover Defender 90 Bodywork
(REF 070) 814 parts

MAP Land-Rover Defender 110 5 doors Bodywork
(REF 072) 932 parts

Land-Rover Defender 110
(REF 001) 3438 parts

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 RC
(REF 003) 4034 parts

Mercedes-Benz 300SL '54
(REF 005) 2122 parts


Shipping of more than 1 set can be combined for saving shipping costs.

I can send worldwide with and without insurance.

How to buy one

This is the first time I sell sets, so this time if you want to buy any of these sets write me to and I will give you the details to pay them.

If you are insterested in other big MOC you can write me too.

For any other question not related with complete sets please use the email adress:


Andreas I said...

Good luck selling your sets :D Anything that gets you to make maybe more and different sets is a good thing :P

Гоша Чернышов said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you should update the FAQ list on this website.

Isik said...

Congrats! This is a huge step forward!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I wish I could buy one.

Unknown said...

how many a land rover defender 110 ref001?

Sheepo said...

Please send an email to adress written in te entry.

Jan de Boer said...

Hi sheepo?
Are you still allive? I know you're very busy, but I was wondering if you're still making lego cars, beceause you published your last car almost a year ago. I'd like to hear.

Sheepo said...

Yes, I am still alive... I am building right now but in slow speed, my time is limited.

Honestly I have some new MOCs finished some months ago, but I don't know if I will publish them or when.

Jan de Boer said...

Nice to hear that you are still making MOCs! It would be cool if you would publish them on youtube, but if that takes too much time you could just post some fotos on your site. I am very interested.

Btw, are you comming to legoworld in Utrecht again?

Sheepo said...

I will not assist to LWU this year, no one of my friends can assist and I don't want to do that long trip alone, maybe the next year ;)

Lorenzo H said...

That's unfortunate :( Would've loved to see your models again. Especially your 911 and Veyron were a joy to see. I hope your friends change their mind so you can still go :)

David Hammerl said...

Hey Sheepo, im realy interrested on that Land Rover Defender 110 (REF001)
How does it work with the set, i would realy like to buy one

David Hammerl said...

Hey Sheepo, im realy interrested on that Land Rover Defender 110 (REF001)
How does it work with the set, i would realy like to buy one

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