Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Chevrolet Impala '67 from Supernatural

I have designed this model exclusive for a customer as a special order with specific features and design.
It is not for sale and I will not publish instructions to build it.

This car is a Chevrolet Impala 4 doors '67, and it is one of the main character of the TV series Supernatural.

It is built in 1/10 scale. The result is a 70x27x19 studs (56x22x15cm) car of American muscle.

It has 3337 parts and weighs around 3kgs.

It is powered by:

1 PF AA battery box
2 IR receivers
2 M motors
2 XL motors
1 Servo motor

Complete tan color interior with full size seats, door panels and dashboard. It also has a door in the roof to look easily in the interior.

All doors have door look.

Front bonnet spring loaded and fake V8 working engine. Also you can open the bonnet with a lever located in the interior of the car close to the steering wheel.

Steering with working steering wheel (M motor).

Rear openable trunk with hidden box(M motor).

Front double wishbone suspension and rear live axle.

2-speed semiautomatic gearbox. 2XL motors for drive and one servo for change speeds.

Gear ratios:
1st: 1:1
2nd: 1:3

Finally a detailed video of the car with all functions.

If you are interested in order an exclusive car or any other Technic machine you can write me to info@sheepo.es


  1. Can I buy the instructions and parts list for this?

  2. Please read the second text line in the top of the entry...

  3. Out of curiosity, how much would it approximately cost to build something in about the same size and complexity?

  4. There are many important things before to give a budget like: exactly model, scale, functions, color, parts included or not, if you want it assembled or not, instructions or not, if I can publish it after finish it... All that details are important.

  5. gianluigi caramielloFebruary 28, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    if someone is interested in the impala can buy it?

  6. Great moc. Excelent work. Congratulations :)

  7. Another great job as always. I hope you have many orders and we can enjoy them. Congratulations. Greetings.

  8. Hi sheepo, awesome MOC! You said that this was not the only thing you have been working on for the last two years and that you have prepared something more for upcoming months. I understand that you won't share too much information, but wil it be a commissioned MOC or just a normal MOC? thanks!

  9. With your Ford Shelby, this muscle car is not really bad too ! You made a very great job. You should build muscle cars more often, because you have great skills with this type of car. Why not a Pontiac GTO for the next time ? ;-)

  10. Hi sheepo, have you seen the technic chiron and it's new gearboxpieces? Do you you think you can use these parts to make even better (more reliable and compact) gearboxes than your current 4th gen gearboxes?

  11. Hi sheepo, will you be at Lego world Utrecht this year?

  12. Are they going to be any instructions?