Saturday, July 4, 2015

BMW i8 Spyder

Note: I know this version of the i8 doesn't exist. This MOC is a mix between comercial i8 and i8 Concept Spyder.

This is my first complex car in scale 1/10.

The overall size is 58x25x16 studs (46x20x13 cm).

It is powered by 5 PF motors and one servo motor, 2 IR receivers and 2 pair of lights.

The only weighs 1.9Kg.

Front and rear lights.

As the Spyder version it has folding roof. In the Concept Spyder, BMW never showed the folding roof mechanism, so I have designed my own mechanism and the way to hide the roof under the engine cover.

Openable doors from the controller. Only one M motor control both doors.
Each turning motor direction connect to one door.

Of course it has steering with working steering wheel and a complete interior with full size seats..

Hibrid drive system.

Here the most important part of the car(at least for me).

Like the real i8, this MOC is driven by Hidrid Drive System. Two different drivetrains working together to get the best available performance.

The front axle's drivetrain is powered by XL motor and has 2-speed gearbox(3:1 and 1:1 ratios).

The rear drivetrain is powered by 2L motors, and include a servo motor to change the drive mode.

It can work under two different drive modes that you can change instantly from the controller: eDrive and Sport.

eDrive mode

The car works as a normal front wheel drive car. The real axle car turn free and the front gearbox is un low gear.

The max speed is around 1.5Kph.

Sport mode

When you connect the Sport mode the 2L motors star runing, and the servomotor connect the rear axle to the L motors and at the same time change the speed of the front gearbox.
So now the car is AWD with a long gear ratio.

The rear transmision has only one speed, and the ratio is the same as athe front axle in high speed ratio.

The max speed is around 4Kph.

Also the servo motor connect the folding roof. Powered too by the same 2L motors of the rear drivetrain.

Drive mode indicator in the interior.

3L fake engine working with the rear divetrain L motors. So it only works with Sport mode.
Leaving the eDrive mode as a "100% electric mode".

Battery compartment on the rear axle.

The most wanted picture.

Front axle with double wishbone suspension and double steering arn to improuve the performance

Rear multilink suspension. Suspension formed by 5 links: two upper links, two button links and a control link.

The bodywork is easy to dissasemble. You only need to remove about 15 pins to remove the bodywork in a few big parts.

New special controller to help you to control easily the hidrid drive system.

Finally as always a complete video showing all its functions in detail


Anonymous said...

How about the instructies?

superfield said...

Sheepo, I have been waiting for your new MOC for a long time. This one doesn't disappoint me. It has everything I like. Not too huge. Excellent looking. Efficient use of motors. Special and smart remote control. Changing speed at speed. Complex drivetrain. It is just fantastic! I am sure I am going to buy the instructions if you will publish one. How many pieces in this model?

Shlomi Gondabi said...

Amazing! You always surprising me with your MOCs!

Flávio Ferreira said...

Great job. Awesome. I love yours mocs. Please, keep the work.

justin fourie said...

Well done dude amazing moc , the look and colour scheem is real cool. I am also very impressed with all the functions in such a small scale build .

Cant wait for the instructions got my money ready !

Anonymous said...

Very great job sheepo but I prefer your cars at scale 1/8.

peter smyth said...

This MOC looks great. I hope we can all build it one day!!

Matteo Venturi said...

sheepo have you the idea to do instructions for this creation???
(sorry for my bad english)

Sheepo said...

I want to do it, but I don't know when I will have time to do it, I hope have them finished before Christmas.

Cody Lau said...

my money is ready for the instructions

Anonymous said...

soo cool i love the roof

Anonymous said...

can you buy it on line to build it

Amin said...

Looks like a lot of work. thanks for sharing. I am surprising. This MOC looks amazing.

Proromayev said...


Yo yo lets go Yoooooooo said...

yeah me too I got like 56$ to spend on this true I would be poor but I mean cmon man look at this it's so cool! It would be worth it

Rachel Williams said...

Me too🤗

felix emnas said...

If I can't have the real one, maybe this one will be fine.
When the instructions be available?

Sheepo said...

I am doing some upgrades and improvements to the car, and then I will do the instructions. It will take a couple of months

Amin said...

This MOC look like great. and one day i build this all.

Webb Rowan said...

Is that LEGO or something? That is an awesome rendition of a car - kudos to the guy who built it! Secondly, it would be great if BMW came up with something similar!

Anonymous said...

Hey sheepo, I think you didn't show the steering in the video. Maybe you can update your video or change it a little bit.

Jan Menšík said...

so when will the instruction to purchase? It is on instruction and a list of necessary components to assemble?

Anonymous said...


l' enchanteur said...

Could you share the instructions please
i m waiting for a lot of months and i m really excited.

mimie mohd azhar said...


Anonymous said...

can the battery handle the XL motor and the two L motors in full power?

Sheepo said...

Yes, but not for a long time, its overheat and cuts energy. For that reason I modified the front axle to use a L motor too, now it works much better and the preformace is almost the same.

Anonymous said...

are you going to use that mod also in the instructions?

Anonymous said...

How far are you with the instruction. I am urgently waiting for them. I love this model. I would immediately buy them. My father has been involved in the construction of the i8. he wants me to build him.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Any idea when you will publish them? There's definitely enough demand for them :)

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