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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Important announcement about my future cars

After many years following the same principle and rules in my cars, there is something important I will change starting with my next big car: from now to the future I will change the the scale ratio of my MOCs, from average 1/8 scale to 1/10, changing the "standar" 81.6x36 wheels to the 68.8x36 or 62.4x20.

The reasons for this change are very important.

- My cars are too big to be really playables, the Lego motors are very small, and the scale 1/8 is out of the useful size range.
- Using 1/10 scale instead of 1/8 you only need the 50-70% of the parts to build the same car with similar mechanisms.
- Less parts means less price for the people who want to built my cars.
- I will need less time to build a new car.

And now the most important question for the people who like my cars:
Will be my MOCs simpler now?

To be honest at the beginning probably yes, but as soon as I feel confortable with the scale I think I will can catch up a similar complexity of my previous cars.

The brakes are the main limitation in smaller scale than 1/8. The minimum wide with 68.8x38 wheels and full independent suspension is 27 studs.

If you translate 27 studs to 1/10 scale means a real car with 2.16m(85in.) wide, which it is too big.

My next car doesn't have brakes, but it includes many new functions and mechanisms, I am very sure than you will forget the brakes ;)

Now I only need build the bodywork to show it. This is the worst part for me because I don't like build bodyworks ;(

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x8 chassis (unfinished MOC)

With the new big Technic set 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs coming to the stores I want to share my unfinished and abandoned Arocs.

Two years ago a Mercedes Trucks dealership in Spain asked me about built a Arocs 8x8 for them in big scale. When I had the chassis finished they decide don't buy me the truck, so I stopped the development, but I kept the chassis assembled because I didn't need the parts for other projects.

This is what I built (the chassis has tons of dust... but after two years on a shelf is normal ;) )