Monday, August 17, 2015

Land-Rover Series II, Series III and Defender for MAP with Instructions

If you want to know more about MAP go here.

I want to show you some more bodyworks compatible with my modular platform.

This time I have chosen again the Land-Rover family. The reason is because many people like the LR, but my previous one is very big and complex. Also, I wrote before the MAP born as a mid-size Defender, so built some Land-Rovers was a important too.

LR Series II, III and Defender are very similar, so was very easy create all of them.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

BMW i8 Spyder

Note: I know this version of the i8 doesn't exist. This MOC is a mix between comercial i8 and i8 Concept Spyder.

This is my first complex car in scale 1/10.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Volkswagen Type 2 T1 Bus Instructions

For more info about this creation click here

The instructions are made in PDF format, and they look very similar to the LEGO Official ones.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tips and Curiosities: Power Functions

The LEGO Power Functions system has more possibilities and hidden functions than you probably think.

I will show you a few examples. Some of them are well known, but others don't.

You can use a 9V train controller to connect any Power Functions element.

To do it you only need to add an empty battery box between the controller and the IR receiver

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Important announcement about my future cars

After many years following the same principle and rules in my cars, there is something important I will change starting with my next big car: from now to the future I will change the the scale ratio of my MOCs, from average 1/8 scale to 1/10, changing the "standar" 81.6x36 wheels to the 68.8x36 or 62.4x20.

The reasons for this change are very important.

- My cars are too big to be really playables, the Lego motors are very small, and the scale 1/8 is out of the useful size range.
- Using 1/10 scale instead of 1/8 you only need the 50-70% of the parts to build the same car with similar mechanisms.
- Less parts means less price for the people who want to built my cars.
- I will need less time to build a new car.

And now the most important question for the people who like my cars:
Will be my MOCs simpler now?

To be honest at the beginning probably yes, but as soon as I feel confortable with the scale I think I will can catch up a similar complexity of my previous cars.

The brakes are the main limitation in smaller scale than 1/8. The minimum wide with 68.8x38 wheels and full independent suspension is 27 studs.

If you translate 27 studs to 1/10 scale means a real car with 2.16m(85in.) wide, which it is too big.

My next car doesn't have brakes, but it includes many new functions and mechanisms, I am very sure than you will forget the brakes ;)

Now I only need build the bodywork to show it. This is the worst part for me because I don't like build bodyworks ;(

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x8 chassis (unfinished MOC)

With the new big Technic set 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs coming to the stores I want to share my unfinished and abandoned Arocs.

Two years ago a Mercedes Trucks dealership in Spain asked me about built a Arocs 8x8 for them in big scale. When I had the chassis finished they decide don't buy me the truck, so I stopped the development, but I kept the chassis assembled because I didn't need the parts for other projects.

This is what I built (the chassis has tons of dust... but after two years on a shelf is normal ;) )

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Car Lift

I have had some free days to do a little MOC after many weeks of intense work ;)

It is a car lift with 2-columns like the mechanics use in in the garages.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

MAP & Bodyworks Instructions

For more info about this creation click HERE

The instructions are made in PDF format, and they look very similar to the LEGO Official ones.

The instructions and the part list of both chassis include the steps to build all different wheelbases and fake engine configurations.
So if in the future you want yo buy a new bodywork you only need to buy the bodywork if self, not the chassis again. Or if you want RC and Manual versions of any car you only need to buy one bodywork.

Modular All-terrain Platform & Jeep Willys

I am here again to show you something new and I think very insteresting.

Some months ago a topic started by piterx, inspired to design a little, fast, simple and funny 4x4.

My original idea was build again a Land-Rover Defender in small scale to help to the people who likes my previous Defender but it is too much big and expensive.

But when I was starting the car I though about that will be even more interesting if I design a chassis which can be used in many differents 4x4. I finnally designed a modular 4x4 platform.

I have called it Modular All-terrain Platform (MAP)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Bus "11 windows"

This is the modified car I showed in the LFW event.

This van officially called "Type 2", is one of the most famous van in the world. Very popular in the 60's and known as the "hippies car"

There are many verions of the Type 2, this one is of the BUS version, known as "11 windows", it is very easy know why ;)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kamov KA-32 Coaxial helicopter

After many cars and other land vehicles, now its time to build something different.

This creation is based in the Russian helicopter Kamov KA-32.

This helicopter has the peculiarity that it has two coaxial rotors turning in opposite directions, instead of the traditional main rotor with a small tail rotor.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

VW Beetle (Type 1) Instructions

For more info about this creation click here

The instructions are made in PDF format, and they look very similar to the LEGO Official ones.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bridge Layer XL

To avoid any confusion the first thing I want yo say is that this MOC is old, it passed away many years ago.

I desing this MOC to enter in a competition organized by a store in Madrid in March 2010.

This creation can cross a free space between 80 and 105 cm.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lego Fan Weekend 2014 in Skærbæk

For third consecutive year, I will attend Lego Fan Weekend event in Skærbæk at September 27th and 28th

I will show there some of my MOCs as:

Land-Rover Defender 110
Caterham Seven (not 100% sure...)
Mustang Shelby GT500
AXR 400 Crossbone
VW Beetle '67

This year I will arrive with two new MOCs: 
- A highly modified version of one of my previous cars
- A completely new MOC: it is not a car or related with cars...

I will see you there!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cable-stayed bridge 2 (ALEbricks 2014)

One more bridge to the collection.

This bridge was built for the ALEbricks( event in May 2014.

This is a reduced version of my last bridge(Cable-stayed bridge (TrenBrick 2013)).