Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JK)

After some months of silence it's time to show a new car.

One of the icons of USA cars the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JK), a real leyend still alive.

Complete instructions available HERE

It is built in scale 1/10. With an overall size of 23x52x25 studs(18x42x20 cm).

It weights 2.7Kgs, and has around 2700 parts

It is powered by 5 PF motors, 2 IR receivers and one PF AA battery.

- 2XL motors for drive
- M motor for steering
- M motor for sequential gearbox
- M motor for drive mode and range gearbox

Fully openable doors with bonnet and trunk.

The rear spare wheel is connected to the battery, so to turn ON/OFF the battery you only need to turn slightly the wheel one or other side.

 V6 fake engine and complete interior with working stering wheel.

As usual 5+R speeds sequential gearbox (4th GEN).

2-speeds range gearbox and 2WD/4WD modes. Also its has an important feature of the Rubicons versions: lockeable front and rear differenfials.

Realistic drive modes, you can select sequentialy between 4 drive modes: 2H, 4H, 4L and 4L with lock diff.

I know many people like the Wrangler looks more extreme, for them I have built a second pair of axles. They include portal hubs and an extra 3:1 gear reduction.

They also add 2 studs high and 2 studs wide of each side

Important note: even with trial axles this car is not a Trial Truck, you can not expect Trial Truck off-road capabilities...

Also this time I release at the same time the Manual version. It has the same functions of the RC version, including 5+R speeds manual gearbox(instead of sequential), 2 speeds range gearbox, 2WD/4WD modes and lockeable differentials.

As always finally complete video:

Complete instructions available HERE


Adam P. Wołkowycki said...

Pretty Cool!! Can you say something about what you expect from Lego Porsche Contest?

José Fernando de Quintana de León said...

Precioso el video Fernando. Vas a conseguir que Villacarrillo sea conocido a nivel mundial. Espero con impaciencia poder construirlo. Enhorabuena.


BenScoobert said...

Nice. How similar is it to the defender build?

Sheepo said...

If you mean about the building process, yes, it is similar, you built it in big parts and then place it together.

Xiuxuan Wang said...


BenScoobert said...

But the internals are updated and all new?

Sheepo said...

All mechanism are complitely new, nothing related with the Defender. More compact and of course much more reliabable

therealjustin said...

Just awesome! I probably only have half the needed 2700 parts but man what a fantastic creation. Is there a parts list available? I couldn't find it on Rebrickable.

bipin patel said...

how to buy

Arshia Jafary said...

Do gearboxes have definite control like porsche and mustang or not? Maybe like MB 300SL...?

Sheepo said...

IT is like 300SL, this control is less confortable, but more compact and reliable

Anonymous said...
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Sheepo said...

There is a simple and fast way to answer all your questions: buy the instructions and discover how it works by yourself.

Unknown said...

Dónde puedo comprar uno y cual es precio???

Sheepo said...

Las instrucciones las puedes comprar en esta web pero para las piezas debes ir a

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy all the parts for the jeep? On here?

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