Saturday, October 8, 2011

Short Telescopic Transmission Shaft

Notmally if you want to build a telescopic transmission with double u-joint, minimum length is 8 studs if you use 3L joints. To avoid this I have desinged a very similar solution but with only 6 studs long. It is very simple and strong.

This is the standard double u-joint transmission.

Some more pictures:

A little video show it.

I hope this will be useful for you!!


Anonymous said...

i just dont understand for what will you need that?

Sheepo said...

For example to put it between gearbox and axles in a big but short truck.

Anonymous said...

are the 2 Universal Joint 3L (61903) strong enough for a big truck or do I Need something like that additionally:

Sheepo said...

Of course, the only problem is the max torque allowed. You must be carefully with that.

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