Saturday, January 7, 2012

GBC Balls Reedition. Please TLC, Bring them Back

Directly from Technic Delicatessen

Due to demand in events for GBC circuits, it could be a great idea bring back this balls.

A lot of examples of the best modules are in this Blog, with GBC Tag:

Bricklink prices are horrible for large quantities, and new GBC builders don't have chance to have them for his first module.

I'm sure AFOL and TFOL even will pay for a set with a standard pack for a GBC module.
Even if TLC consider produce it in new colors and moulds it will be awsone rainbow coloured modules or mindstorms NXT colour sensor.

Please, leave you support in CUUSOO (Write price for 30 balls, a standard hopper capacity)



Jerkerhead said...

not that anybody ever looks at my blog but could i help out by posting my own link to this.

TrEvIzE said...

In my LUG for cheaper ball and more easy to find. We use Zamor sphere, little bit bigger, need some adjustment for standard module, but we can do NXT color sorter and use shooter.

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