Sunday, February 12, 2012

MPS. Chassis I

- Unibody Type1 (C.A.1)

Standard: Yes
Wheel base: 29-38, changing the red liftarm (you can use the color you want ;) )
Width: 21-25, changing yellow liftarms
Strength test:
 - Central load: 8/10
 - Torsion load: 5/10

- Open center (C.B)

Standard: Yes
Wheel base: 33-40, changing the red liftarm
Width: 21
Strength test:
 - Central load 5/10
 - Torsion load 6/10

You can read more about the Modular Platform System here: MPS


tuur said...

thank's but can you also put instructions for working roof and spoiler because chassis and steering aren't that hard but for a big car I can't put something extra on it

Matthew Mattson said...

Yeah, I respect all the work you put into the mps system,I know a lot of people who wouldn't do this, but maybe 1 or 2 spoilers and roofs with or without retract.

imploding koala said...

i cant open the file once downloaded

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