Saturday, March 14, 2015

Car Lift

I have had some free days to do a little MOC after many weeks of intense work ;)

It is a car lift with 2-columns like the mechanics use in in the garages.

Actually it is very simple. The lift mechanism is a worm and rack. It is very compact, strong and reliable.

It includes arms with adjustable angle, and rubber in the end to prevent the car will slide out of the lift and crash to the floor.

It also has auto-stop function,, in the top and in the bottom.

Powered my PF XL motor and a PF switch.

 The maximum lift weight is around 3.5Kg. Here some tests with diffents cars and weights(Yes, I keep all my cars assembled...).

Caterham Seven - 2.2 Kg

 Under de Defender, you feel like a real mechanic ;)

As always a little video!!

Finally you can download LDD free instructions and step by step in PDF in the INSTRUCTIONS page, enter and access to the Download folder.


ted said...


Anonymous said...

What about the modificated old moc you promised to bild in 2014? Is it the Mini Cooper with white roof and gearbox? Did. You fail the gearbox?

Sheepo said...

Good question, finally I decided create a new one MOC instead to rebuilt an old one. The available parts for the bodywork make the proyect impossible to release to the market

Anonymous said...

Trank you for the answer, you're right, it's better to build a new MOC

Thomas Jepsen said...

Wow, this car lift is cool!

Jean-philippe Henry said...

This is very cool, but why i can't download the pdf instruction, thanks.

dojj said...

its very cool, but downloading the instructions means i've got to buy winzip :(
any way around this please?

Sheepo said...

You don't need to buy anything, there are tons of free software to open zip files, even any windows can open them by itself.

Valentin 's lego technic creations said...

in the video, wich scale are you using ?

Sheepo said...


Raymond Lee said...

Couldn't download the instruction

Courel Kevin said...

Hello, magnificent car lift. I shall have wanted to build him(it) for my Ford Mustang. Could give me myself the note please?

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