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Monday, August 17, 2015

Land-Rover Series II, Series III and Defender for MAP with Instructions

If you want to know more about MAP go here.

I want to show you some more bodyworks compatible with my modular platform.

This time I have chosen again the Land-Rover family. The reason is because many people like the LR, but my previous one is very big and complex. Also, I wrote before the MAP born as a mid-size Defender, so built some Land-Rovers was a important too.

LR Series II, III and Defender are very similar, so was very easy create all of them.

All bodyworks are compatible 100% with all MAP chassis. The short versions in WB:24, and the long ones in WB:28.

The roof is easy removable to get a convertible LR.

Series II

You can place the spare wheel in the rear door or in the front bonnet.

To show you the Series II, I have only built the 88" version, but there are available: 88, 109 3door and 109 5door version.

Series III

Like the Seris II, you can place the spare wheel in the rear door or in the front bonnet.

To show you the Series III, I have only built the 109" 5door version, but there are available: 88, 109 3door and 109 5door version.


To show you the Defender, I have only built the 110 3door version, but there are available: 90, 110 3door and 110 5door version.

As always a little video:

The instructions are now available

In total there are available 9 LR bodyworks. The cost of all os them is the same: 5€ each one.

And remember: if you already have any MAP chassis you can use it with these bodyworks!!!

To buy the instructions go to the button of this page


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheepo,

Nice work.

Could you please comment on possible alternative color schemes?

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

All your versions are very nice models! Congrats!
Just one small detail at the Defender could be changed to improve the nice real look. There are blinkers up and sidelights down on the front mask, but it should be on contrary (blinkers down, sidelights up). As it's also possible to see on real Defender on your photo. Also on your "big size Lego Defender" you have the same wrong position of the lights... Just I think, it's very typical symbol of this well known car, and Lego models could look still better if this will be corrected... ;-)

Sheepo said...

I know that, that is only a mistake in the pictures, if you see the renders, the lights are correctly placed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheepo, do you have any brick store part list for us to check whether the parts are easily to get or not. Thank you

Sheepo said...

Go to the new MAP page in the top of the website, there you can download the parts lists

Unknown said...

Hi Sheepo,
First of all great job!!
And second I "challenge" you to do te TOYOTA BJ40 bodywork. ;)

Unknown said...

Well done on building these, they are superb...
Is it possible to have a parts list in anything other than the current. box format as i use Linux and wine won't install the brickstore software...

Sheepo said...

brickstore is compatible with Linux. In any case you still have the part list images.

Unknown said...

Hi sheepo really exceptional job with the land rovers!have you used three differentials as in the real defender(front,rear and central)?if not have you ever tried to do so?

disco said...

hi sheepo can you try and build a land rover discovery

tonn said...

good evening
thanks for the instructions of the rc chassis and the series III 109 5 d.. fast delivery.... i have all the parts so i will start tomorrow.. keep up the good work

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