Saturday, February 18, 2012

MPS. Rear axles II: Live axle

With drive (code F.CD)

- R.CD.1

Standard: No, it need a big hole in the chassis for the drive shaft.
Max shock adsorvers allowed: 3
Advanced suspension geometry (Camber angle): No

Notes: The green liftarm on the axle means that the axle need a support to keep the structure enough strong, but you can put this support anywhere you want in the top.

You can read more about the Modular Platform System here: MPS

Also you can download all axles and chassis in only one link: Download ( )


digger said...

do you have a front steering version of this live axle?

Sheepo said...

Not yet... be patience...

Tristano500 said...

Could you make a nother rear and front axle drive with out this piece please:
Kategorie:Half Beams, Special

Anonymous said...

hi, could you do instructions for ldd thanks

Sheepo said...

I can't, because some of the parts doesn't exist in LDD :(

Robin Balentina said...

I have download SR3D and a .L3B file, and I can open it, but how can I open the instruction mode in the programme? with Lego Digital Designer (LDD) you just click on instructions mode, but how can I do it in SR3D

Sheepo said...

SR3D doesn't have instructions mode. you must built the axles just looking the 3D model, that shouldn't be hard ;)

Anonymous said...

I see the following problem: The distance between the axle and the body is changing depending how the shock absorbers go in and out. This means for me: the axle between gearbox and diff must be able to change its lenght. not much, but a little bit. In real cars, this is the case. How do you solve the problem?

Sheepo said...

The difference is very low, so the CV joins can tak up that difference. Also even if you want you can use a telescopic driveshaft

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