Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bridge Layer XL

To avoid any confusion the first thing I want yo say is that this MOC is old, it passed away many years ago.

I desing this MOC to enter in a competition organized by a store in Madrid in March 2010.

This creation can cross a free space between 80 and 105 cm.

It is powered by 6 PF motors, 3 IR recevers and PF AA battery.

- 2M motors for drive, one for each side
- XL motor for the first elevation step
- M motor for the couterweigh
- XL motor for the second elevation step
- M motor to open the bridge

Here the complete secuence to cross a

Step 1 - Place the bridge layer close to the precipice

Step 2 - Lift the first step of the bridge

Step 3 - Open the counterweight

Step 4 - Open the bridge

Step 5 - Lower the complete bridge

Step 6 - Go back a little to drop the bridge

Step 7 - Lift a little bit the main arm

Step 8 - Cross the bridge!!. The deformation of the bridge is done deliberately to reduce the bridge swing. Without that deformation the bridge becomes unstable.

 Step 9 - Make a 180 degrees turn.

Step 10 - Lower the main arm and go on a little to connect the arm to the bridge.

Step 11 - Lift the bridge and repeate the steps 1 to 4 in the oposite order.

Unfortunately I don't have more picture or files, but here you a little video in action!!

Enjoy it!!


Enrique Diaz said...

Espectacular, soberbio, genial...

No hay palabras para describrlo.

Existe algún archivo LDD que recoja el proceso?

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