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Friday, October 3, 2014

Kamov KA-32 Coaxial helicopter

After many cars and other land vehicles, now its time to build something different.

This creation is based in the Russian helicopter Kamov KA-32.

This helicopter has the peculiarity that it has two coaxial rotors turning in opposite directions, instead of the traditional main rotor with a small tail rotor.

Very important note: This creation is a technical demonstration about how a coaxial helicopter works, but actually this MOC can NOT fly!!

It is impossible build a 100% Lego machine that actually can fly by itself.

A real Kamov KA-32 used in Spain for firefighting. I have used the same color scheme .

This MOC has been build in scale 1:16. The rotors has a diameter of 127 studs(102 cm or 40 in.)

The fuselage size is 98x15x23 studs (78x12x18 cm or 30.7x4.7x7.1 in.)

Both rotors are powered by only one PF XL motor and a PF Rechargeable battery(ref. 8878).

Complete rotors control using two swashplates directly from the cabin. Just like the real KA-32.

Collective lever control: fly up-down

Cyclic stick control(both sticks works): fly front-back-right-left(not turn)

Upper rotor pitch pedals: turn right-left

The controls only control de lower swashplate, and this one control the upper swashplate using the there grey links .

The front wheels have free steering.

And the rear ones have suspension, and a side sliding door.

Very quick fuselage disassemble.

I know that all this technical features and strange functions are difficult to understand. So here you have a video showing the helicopter working.

 I hope you like it!!!


Blastem said...

Great Work, Not only a great helicopter, but also a double rotor one!!!


Anonymous said...

once again you have completely amazed me. I have no idea how you do time after time.

Keefyd said...

In awe and amazed - i only wish I could create as good as this,

Unknown said...

WOW Very well done on the creation! Its AWSOME! I love how everything works and its so realistic! Well done, keep up the great creations!

Anonymous said...

I would love to build this. Do you plan to offer instructions? I do hope so.

legosuperman said...

Make mescershsmitt bf 109

lecosuperman said...

Sorry my Bad english

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheepo, I'm wanting to build a Sea King Helicopter, do you know how to build a 5 rotor hub with variable pitch across all blades???

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi! Great work! I recommend you send your videos directly to the Kamov

Unknown said...

Think I couldn`t build something like this! Awesome creation!!!

Anonymous said...


Great work have 96% of the pieces. Just one question. What length are the 3 ribbed hoses the black blue and white. The whole 3 are missing from the inventory both at Bricklink and Brick Store your help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This is just AWESOME !!!!
Thanks a lot for this great creation.

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