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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Bus "11 windows"

This is the modified car I showed in the LFW event.

This van officially called "Type 2", is one of the most famous van in the world. Very popular in the 60's and known as the "hippies car"

There are many verions of the Type 2, this one is of the BUS version, known as "11 windows", it is very easy know why ;)

[Introduction by wikipedia]

The concept for the Type 2 is credited to Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon. Pon visited Wolfsburg in 1946, intending to purchase Type 1s for import to the Netherlands, where he saw an improvised parts-mover and realized something better was possible using the stock Type 1 platform. He first sketched the van in a doodle dated April 23, 1947, proposing a payload of 690 kg (1,520 lb) and placing the driver at the very front. Production would have to wait, however, as the factory was at capacity producing the Type 1.

When capacity freed up, a prototype known internally as the Type 29 was produced in a short three months. Coincidentally the wheelbase was the same as the Type 1's. The engineers reused the reduction gear from the Type 81, enabling the 1.5 ton van to use a 25 hp (19 kW) flat four engine.

The first production model, now designated Type 2, rolled off the assembly line to debut 12 November of 1949.

This creation is made in scale 1:7.8. The total size is: 66 studs of length, only 27 wide and 30 of high (53x22x25 cm)

The weight is 2.6 kgs(3kgs in the RC version), with around 3500 parts.

A complete bodywork with openable front doors, right side double door, and rear trunk and bonnet.

Also the doors have lock, you need turn the door handle to open it.

It has front full size seats and rear bench-seat.

Front rigid beam independent suspension with disc brakes.

Rear swing axle with drum brakes

Working steering wheel and brake pedal. Like the Beetle both mechanisms auto-connect when you place the bodywork on the chassis.

Like the real Type 2, this MOC uses the same Type 1 platform of my previous Beetle (more info here)

MANUAL chassis on the left, and RC chassis on the right.

This Type 2 release the new MANUAL chassis, it will be avalable for the Beetle coming soon.


The gearbox has 4+R speeds.

The gearbox is in the back of the T1, but the shift lever is placed between the front seats.


As always it includes some remote controlled functions:
- Steering (M motor)
- Drive (2 XL motors)
- Sequential gearbox (PF Servo motor)
- Brakes (M motor)

The sequential gearbox has with 4+N+R speeds and as always with auto-clutch.

The speeds ratio:

R - 1.25:1
1 -  1.25:1
2 -  1:1
3 -  1:1.33
4 -  1:1.67

It includes speed indicador between the front seats.

The only differences between the Type 1 and Type 2 chassis are the shift lever/speed indicator and the brakes pedal.

Here the new manual drivetrain with short(Beetle) and long(T1) shift levers

and the RC chassis with short(Beetle) and long(T1) speed indicadors

The "most wanted" picture for technic fans. Here with the Manual chassis.

Some pictures of the platform-brothers


Finally as always a little video:

I hope you like it!!!


Sandesan said...

Had already seen it in the LFW posts, but great to see it now in detail. great work.
If I understand correctly, the real Transporter was named T2 because the original T1 chassis wasn't strong enough. Therefor the used a new and stronger ladder chassis instead of the original Beetle one.
Perhaps some more spin offs: perhaps a rat-rod? a trike? Porsche 924? All mostly Beetle-heritage. ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow, why isn't this the lego set?! this is so much cooler than the official kit!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheepo, i was wondering if you will be releasing more information on how the gearbox changes speeds. I am having trouble making my own sequential gearbox and would like some help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fernando,
Will you release the instruction for the T2 before Christmas?
Best regards

Sheepo said...

Unfortunately not, I am working now to finish the Manual Beetle, and I will not have enough time to do the T1, I hope I will can release it in January or February.

Anonymous said...

You selling these kits??

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheepo,

are you still planning to release the instructions for the T1 Bus?

Best regards,

Sheepo said...

No, because when you push the brakes the motor only is locked for a less than a second, and also it is a 12v motor working at 9v, so it is almost impossible to burn it.

Anonymous said...

Why does the rc chassis has two springs in the rear?

Sheepo said...

To compensate the weigh of the RC motors and PF components.

Anonymous said...

And why don't the front disk brakes work?

Sheepo said...

Yes, it does, but it is not showed correctly in the video

Anonymous said...

Very great...I love the T2...when do you think it's possible to buy your instruction?
many thanks thomas

Sheepo said...

The instructions are available from more than 2 years... go to Instructions page in this website.

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