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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Instructions

For more info about this creation click here

The instructions are made in PDF format, and they look very similar to the LEGO Official ones.

This instructions are available in RC and MANUAL versions.

Both instructions versions includes the instructions for standar axles and trial axles

RC version

The price is 15€

 The whole car, including the controller has 2520 parts!!!

The instructions have 496 pages, and 68MB.

You can download and check the complete part list in

MANUAL version

The price is 10€

 The whole car, including the controller has 2040 parts!!!

The instructions have 410 pages, and 51MB.

You can download and check the complete part list in

Please, before purchase the instructions read this!

- If you buy the instructions, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO:
        * RESALE IT
        * MAKE ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH ITS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, Like sell the            car built, or rent the car to other people.

- The price is in euros(€). But if your currecy is different don't worry: paypal do the exchange directly to euros from your local currency($, £, ¥...) for you. Also under special request I can accept a different way to pay the instructions.

- If you don't receive your instructions after 48 hours of the payment, please check your spam folder, and if the email is not there please send me an email to: info @ I always send the instructions quickly(usually within 24 hours), but sometimes the email never arrives to the destiny.(internet errors, spam filters, etc)

- The instructions will be send(actually a link to download it) to the payment email adress. If you want, I'll send you the instructions to a different email adress, please leave a comment in the paypal payment.

- For MAC users: mac can't open zip files with password, to open the instructions you will need an extra software (you will can find a lot of free software in internet to do it).

- Build this car is very hard, if you have never built a Lego Technic set, I recommend you to do it first. Doing that is not necessary but it will help you later when you built it.

- The instructions has been tested by a Lego Technic expert builders, if you can't built the car and you think the instructions are wrong, please check your built twice before ask me.  Also you must think that the pieces are not perfect, so the gearbox are not 100% reliable, it should make good around the 90% of the speed changes.

Finally to buy the instructions go to INSTRUCTIONS PAGE

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the best site to buy the parts? ->

- What happens if I lose my instructions copy(hard drive failure or virus)? -> I have a data base with all costumers of my instructions, if you lose it you can email me and will send it to you again free.


Serbeus said...

This is fantastic, amazing detail. Do you know approximately how much all the parts cost to actually build it?

Sheepo said...

I don't know, but it should be arround 450€ for the RC version and 350€ for the Manual ones.

Unknown said...

Hey great work! I have 2 questions,

1- Will you add it to the rebrickable?
2- Paypal is disabled in my country, how can I buy the instructions?


Anonymous said...

Just a word : awesome !

Yoehan said...

Hi, what is the different between manual and RC version (except the PF motor)?
if I buy the RC version, can I built the manual too?

Sheepo said...

The whole drivetrain is complitely different, the bodywork is different, the chassis is different, the trial axles are different... And not, you can not build the manual Jeep starting with the RC

Yoehan said...

Do you have the Photos or the video for the manual rubicon?
so I can compare them before decide which one to buy

Sheepo said...

You can see it at the end of the video.

Anonymous said...

This needs to come in a JKU model, lol

Toby Vanderbeek said...

Definitely. I would but the JK Unlimited version right away.

Unknown said...

Is it possible to use a Sbrick instead?

Sheepo said...

Of course

én said...

How many motors must I buy when I will build the RC model?

Sheepo said...

5: 3M and 2XL

én said...

Thank you.
I have an another question.
How many Sbricks must to this model?

Sheepo said...

You only need one

én said...

Thank you.

Where can I buy the pieces for this model?

Sheepo said...

You can buy all parts you need in

én said...

I can buy bricks from to?

Sheepo said...

You can, but they don't have all different parts you need for the Jeep

én said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

-where did you get the rubicon and transfer case decals?

Sheepo said...

I just printed some numbers and letters on printable stikers

Unknown said...


Are there any parts for an execution in color black not red?

Thank you Enrico

Sheepo said...

You can build it in black without any problem, there is not any part in the bodywork not available in black

Unknown said...


Is the list of parts really complete? Wheel and rim only one?

Greeting Enrico

Sheepo said...

To avoid problems use the parts list in

Unknown said...

Congratulations Sheepo
You are a great designer and creator. Your models are highly detailed, very complete and powerful.I'm a structural engineer very AFOL (+15 RC Mocs built (not mine))
I'm going to build your fantastic Rubicon Jeep. But before buy the instructions please help me with a critical doubt. My models using V1 or V2 work perfectly in my home to range of 10 m. But in the park (2 blocks away) their range is extremely poor. (less 2 m). Sad situation. I guess that the cause is interference or similar. I'm going to use Sbrick, waiting solve this problem. In your Rubicon is possible replace the v1 or v2 IR with Sbrick? The functions and movements will work perfect?
Fernando Medina

Unknown said...

I'm not Sheepo, but I made the Mustang with Sbrick. I can safely say you won't have any problems, maybe some space problems because they have different dimensions...

Unknown said...

Thanks Lorenzo
Do you know the reason to very big loss of range with V1 or V2 IRs in outside places like a park (city park)?

Sheepo said...

Hi and sorry for the delay.
As Lorenzo told you, you can use sbrick instead of IR receivers without problems.
The problems with the IR receivers in the exterior is related with the sun and the walls in your home. The PF works with infrared light, inside your home the light bounce in the walls and the signal continue working, for that reason you have a lot of range, even probably you can turn a corner without direct line and you can continue driving the car. But outside there are not walls so the signal is not bounced and it loses in the air, also the sun emits visible light, but it also emits infrared light which interfere with the PF light.

A J said...

Hi Shepoo,

I'm looking forward to buy the instructions for this MOC, however I was wondering if there's a set that you recommend that would provide a large amount of the parts (and then get the rest from Bricklink).

For example, the Unimog? Hope my question makes sense.

Thank you for the awesome creation!

jhon said...

People were waving at my like crazy and I did not understand what was going on, until I realized there's such a thing as a Jeep wave!! Once I realized what was happening I waved like crazy at every Jeep I saw! So maybe the non-wavers are just clueless renters like It. Cool 4x4 site

OrderedSoda8871 said...


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