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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sequential 7+R speeds gearbox instructions

To start of I’d like to say that what made me design this gear box was the fact that since the 8448 there hasn’t really been any development as far as gear boxes are concerned. AS a matter of fact there is a large number of great MOCs that in the end mostly use the same well-known, rather clumsy (although very reliable) manual gear box. Because of its reliability I decided to use this very gear box as the base for my design.

The gearbox itself is a modified version of the one you can find in the 8448, but built studdless and with two extra speeds (6th y 7th)

But in order to make it work one more change is necessary: all the Axle Connector Ridged (6538/a/b) mist be substituted by Axle Connector Smooth (6538c)

Important note!!!
The Axle Connector Smooth has two rounded sides and two flat sides. It is very important that the internal pins of the Driving Ring (6539) coincide with the flat faces of the axle connector

Additionally the structure that contains the Changeover Catches (6641) is built

Both parts are joined taking care to make them mesh correctly

After that the structure that contains the rockers is built

The rockers are placed over the handles of the Changeover Catches

The rail that will accommodate the gear selector must be properly secured

The rubber used in the gear selector must be very tense

It is put in place sliding it in from one of the sides.
Once it is in place, the gears can already be changed sequentially, sliding the gear selector forwards and backwards, meshing one gear and unmeshing another


Speed 1

Speed 2

Speed 3

Speed 4

Speed 5

Speed 6

Speed 7

If the Changeover Catches don’t move o don’t move smoothly too much friction has been introduced in the construction. Go over the moving parts of the gear box one by one and make sure they have the least possible friction.

What remains it is the part needed to move the selector little by little. This can be done in several ways. The system I used is bulky but reliable and relatively simple.

The long liftarm you can see in the last photo is what will later become the gear lever.

Add the supports for the selector

Finally the two self-centring devices (top and bottom)

The rubbers should be neither very tight nor very loose. If the teeth on the device don’t grip or let go the selector they are either too strong or too weak.

That’s it!!!

The gear box should now work correctly. By pulling the lever away from the gear box you gear up and by pulling it the other way you gear down.

A video with gearbox working:

Finally you can download instructions in PDF in the INSTRUCTIONS page and access to the Download folder

If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment!!!


Blastem said...

Incredible Work Sheepo. Probably the best MOC Gearbox nowadays.

Keep on with your hard Work!

Cyrus Tabrizi said...

Absolutely AMAZING!! I am lost for words. Great work!!

Anonymous said...

Can you make a 4 speed gearbox using the same principle, because the space for my gearbox is smaller.


TNT said...

Great thing...
How tuff is this? I mean, if mounted on a 4x4 truck will it stand the use in rough terrain?
Maybe combined with auto lockable differentials and shifter for 2x4 to 4x4 that would be a great truck ;)

Anonymous said...

this has got to be the best gearbox design i have seen, anyone had any luck building it using the instructions? i am thinking of having a go and attaching to the v8 engine i have built

Anonymous said...

Great Moc! how do you remotely control the gear shifter?

Anonymous said...

hi sheepo
how can I put a motor on the lever of the switch? sorry for my english and THANK YOU!!

Sheepo said...

You only need put a rack on the lever and a gear connected with it and to a motor

Anonymous said...

Hello Sheepo! Can you make a gearbox with 4+R with the same principle? And it most have sequental system and a clutch and instructions on your web site!:-) sorry for my english!:-P but i am 11 years old and live in Norway.. so:-)

Anonymous said...

como puedo motorizarlo para que cambie automaticamente de marcha??

Sheepo said...

No se puede poner nada para que se convierta en un cambio automático, pero si lo que quieres es simplemente poder cambiar de marcha con el mando tan solo tienes que poner una cremallera sobre el tirador y accionarla con un motor.

Anonymous said...

¿me podrias poner una foto de como quedaria con la cremallera?
es que veras son un poco nuevo con lo del lego technic por lo que no se muy bien a lo que te refieres con eso por eso te pido la foto. gracias de parte de antonio que soy yo ;P

Anonymous said...

hello sheepo, can you create and publish simple and reliable mechanical clutch with heavy flywheel(damper) for more inertial momentum, all putted together with engine

you are brilliant

Anonymous said...

hola sheepo veras he construido la caja de marchas pero el problema es que solo me baja de marcha pero no sube lo cual sería un problema si la instalara en algun coche ¿me podrias decir como arreglar este problemilla?

Sheepo said...

Posiblemente el problema sea que las gomas no están correctamente tensadas(o por poco o por mucho)

Anonymous said...

es que para que suba de marcha la de primera no me la pilla y tengo que apretar con el dedo pero luego para bajar de marcha hasta que no esta en sexta no lo pilla

Anonymous said...

Hey sheepo! Can you please list parts of the gearbox so I can buy them? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Through some clipping sawing drilling and sanding I built a rough frame of the W-16 engine. I have some pictures but I do not know how to show you. please get back to me. thank you.

Sheepo said...

If you use the mpd file of the downloable instructions you can see the compelte part list

Anonymous said...

sheepo can u please make a super car with 7-speed gearbox. I'd really appreciate it

Anonymous said...

Hi, should there be a spacer on the last lever in the instructions?

Unknown said...

what are the final gear-ratios??

Unknown said...

what are the final gear-ratios??

Anonymous said...

Pure Genius.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fenando. I wanted to know that have you ever broken any of the gears with clutch or the driving rings? Because I saw a video on youtube that says the oldsyle ones are gonna get broken? IS this correct?

Sheepo said...

I have never broken any gear with cluch, but I broke one drive ring in a trial truck some years ago.

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks

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