Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Truck Trial - Little Boy MK2

This is a modified version of my LittleBoy.

It is taller and wider.
The gear reduction now is located into the wheel, the final gear relation is 8.33:1 (1.67x1.67x3)

Now is also heavier to get more grip. I've added an extra M engine to move fake engine and add more weight.
The total weight is around 1300g
It uses a strange combination on wheels, 81.6x38R tyres with large type rims, looks strange but is very efective :)

Now a complete video:

Also you can see it in short videos participating in a competition in electricbricks community:

At time 2:15

At time 3:08

At time 3:11

At time 0:07

This car finished the competition second driven by other guy ;)

I won this competition with the lime Truck 8x8, I will present it in a few days.

You can see more pictures here:

I hope you like it!!


jmphysicslocs said...

You are a master builder of lego technic cars!!!

Rasal Khan said...

Really great post

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