Monday, April 4, 2011

Kart RC

This is my last track race car. Very light and agile. Built in June 2010.

It use:

- 2 XL Motors for drive
- 1 M Motor for steering
- 1 IR Reciever
- 1 PF Rechargeable battery
- 1 PF Switch (pole reserver)

It have auto-center steering and also working steering wheel.

Total weight is only 490 grams, with this small weight it can accelerate to top speed in less than 3 seconds.

 The final gear ratio is 1:6, and with 43.2x22 ZR tytes the top speed ir round 8khp (5mph).

Coming soon some of ideas for auto-center systems


Lego Jedi Guru said...

Could you please post instructions? Maybe even e-mail me at

Sheepo said...

I don't have instructions for that car, but it is very simple, you can copy it easy woth only the pictures!!!

Jerkerhead said...

can you get a video for this or something similar

Anonymous said...

hola sheepo soy fan tuyo desde la primera vez k vi tus modelos en una competicion de electricbricks (no se si recuerdas mi coche el ultimo y traccion trasera.Te importaria si te enviara fotos de mis modelos a tu correo y me dices tu opinion
Gracias y un saludo

PD:mi correo es

Sheepo said...

Deberías haberlos mandado directamente sin preguntar jajaja

Zachary Cross said...

I don't quite understand the gearing, could you post more photos of that part?

Thomas Makris said...

hello sheepo hw did u make the return to center system
i wanna build a car but i didt have this piece
(hockey spring)

Thomas Makris said...

sheepo this car is awesome
please make building instructions
for the steering

Tristan Ableson said...

Did you use the PF switch to reverse the direction of the second XL?

Lewis Merritt said...

sheepo please make instructions as i dont understand the pics

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