Sunday, April 10, 2011

Truck Trial - The Unstoppable

This is my first Truck Trial, built in Dicember 2007

I called it "The Unstoppable" because it is not possible to stop the motors only with traction power, before that is able to break the transmission...

PF elements:

- 2 XL motors, one per axle independently controlled.
- 1 M motor for sterring
- 2 IR PF Reciever
- 1 PF Battery box

The final gear ratio is 40:1 (24x1.67) with 94.8x44R tyres, is very slow but has extreme torque

The battery is between the seats
Total weight is around 1400g.

Both axles are rigid, with a maximum angle between them of about 70º

The car is levelled by a push and pull system, when an axle turn in one direction the other turn in the opposite direcion, for that the car is always in horizontal.

Front axle(after this picture I added a final reduction 1.67:1):

Rear axle(after tihs picture I changed the final gears, form 3:1 to 1.67:1):

You can se more pictures and information of the axles here:

Here you can see a video of the car passing over another of my old mocs built in 2005(

And a thoer little video driven by other gay.

I hope you liked it!!

If you have any comments or questions please leave a comment!!


Lego Jedi Guru said...

:O the guy will be crushed!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... Are those the seats to the 8466 4X4 Off-Roader?

Sheepo said...

More or less... hahaha

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