Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boss (Support truck)

This is my support truck for Truck Trial competitions. Built in summer 2008

After building my first two trials truck, I decided to build a support truck for that they together formed a complete Team, named "The Green Team".

This truck is inspired by the trucks that came with the team in some competitions like the Rally Dakar

PF elements:

- 2 XL motors for drive
- 1 M motor for sterring
- 1 M motor for gearbox(2 speeds)
- 1 M motor for down the rear ramp
- 2 IR Recievers
- 1 PF Battery box

Total weight is 4.1 kg, and has around 2500 pieces.

To serve as team leader, he can get in to another team member.
The back door serves as a ramp, down it in seconds with the remote controlled.

It have AWD with three differentials, the rear and central differentials can be locked(the last one by a lever situated in the left side).

It has very long travel suspensions with stabilizer bars front and rear.

As extra datails has tilting cab with three seats and a big boot behind the cabin.

Some videos:

Here in the Hipspabrick 2008, introducing other team member trial

Other example:

Thanks for read!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Truck!!
It has proportions
of real truck.
And its really big!

Anonymous said...

make a tutorial for 4x4 trucks

Jorge Marcos said...

tenía que llamarse "The creeper truck"

Jorge Marcos said...

como mi foto! (jugarás al minecraft verdad? )

Matthew Mattson said...

Cool truck can u make instructions for rear diff lock

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