Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Return-to-centrer systems

Retun-to-centrer systems are very useful and important for some mechanisms and almost essential for making RC cars.

But sometimes it is difficult to find a simple, reliable and effective system, so I show you some possible solutions to this problem.


The most simple and used system is using a specific piece, but hard to find(x928cx1)

Build like this:

It is impossible to build a simpler system. But it has a couple of problems: you can not regulate the center force and it is not very accurate.

For these problems I do not like to use that piece, and have developed some systems using only common parts, very simple and more accurate. Also you can adjust the centering force, changing or tighting the rubber.

Type 1

With medium size and high accurate, this is de most recomended.

Type 2

It is a smaller version of the type 1, more compact but with some less precision and not suitable for engines larger than a PF M.

Type 3

It is the larger but equally effective, ideal for high torques and flat spaces.

I hope this will be useful to you!!!

If you have any comment or question, please leave a comment!!!


Parda said...

Very good post!

Straight to favorites!

Arnau said...

do you think that type 3 can be used in a supercar simillar to your bugatti veyron?

Thnks, bye

Sheepo said...

Of course you can use it, but personaly I don't like use it in big cars, because with high weight the motor have too stress.

Dana Scully said...

love this well done

Anonymous said...

hey Sheepo, do you recommend the standard kind on big vehicles like the unimog when i decide to rc mine?

Anonymous said...

oh and sorry for double posting, but can you build a rtc system for the XL motor?

Anonymous said...

the simplest return to center system is now the PF servo motor

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