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Saturday, March 26, 2011

SuperCar 2011 Chassis

A year after my Veyron conquered internet, I come back with a brand-new Supercar: new features never seen before, construction based on real designs, more realistic and functional new axles, new brakes, new gearbox and more.

I started to design this car just after finishing the Veyron MOC, so it have been under construction more than a year and it is still not finished.

I am copying a real car again, but this time in a much more accurate way, as the chassis structure and suspension geometry, including steering wheel turnings, that spins lock to lock!

In this first article you can see the chassis along with the two axles. Throughout May I will publish a second and bigger article with a finished car.

Part 1: Unibody Chassis

Here you can see the car's unibody chassis, which is the most important and the more complicated part. It has to be very rigid but with minimal size and volume so as it has to leave maximum space to another mechanisms

In this new car the final volume of mechanics and electrical items is almost double than in the Veyron, especially with the new gearbox and whole drive, witch is more or less 25x19x9 studs single block. Even has enough space for a large interior and other mechanisms, keeping a 74x31 studs final size.

Part 2: Front axle

I have designed a McPherson axle for this car, like used in the copycat car. I have never seen any one as compact and usable LEGO made ever.

An example of a McPherson axle:

I have used 6.5L shock absorbers, because 9.5L are too long and disproportionate

Shock Absorbers are also turned 90º against rotation of the lower arm in order to receive only compressive forces so as another different can't force them

The new disc brake system is also seen in photos, actually I will not explain how it works, keep it for in next article. They work exactly the same than real ones and are more compact than Veyron's, they can be used in smaller wheels than 8448 set.

Extra Features:

Now "Based on real designs" takes more sense in the video

Also the axle has features only found in real cars (as I know).

- Camber angle

This is very important in real cars because it improves turning grip. If you want to know more, you can search on the Internet

With my settings camber is about 2º negative

This particular angle is not fixed, can be modified by changing the 4L bar that holds the shock absorber instead of another parts which different diameter, for example if you change a 4L axle, camber fades until 0º.

- Ackermann steering

This is the most popular function. Concept is that when turning, inner wheel turns more than outer.

I've built the steering axle 2 studs longer than distance between the rotation direction axles

Simple and very functional

- Caster angle

With this system the turning axis direction is not only vertical but also sloped.

In this case I get the caster angle by putting back half stud back the upper turn point than the lower turning point. With this I get a 3.3º caster angle, you can see as reference the average angle of real cars, wich is between 2 and 4 degrees.

Last but not least, note that despite all these functions, axle final design is very rigid and reliable.

Part 3: Rear axle

This axle is also the same type used by the copycat car.
This is a multilink axle type, which is much more realistic and also allows me to get away from the typical double-arm axles used in almost every Technic MOC.

A multilink axle consists of a group of arms that when work together get the wheel always "guided", if you want more accurate information you can find on the Internet

I have used 4 links, two technic links placed diagonally and up, and two liftarm place down building a double arm.

This axle has only an extra feature, the camber angle, in this case is less than in front axle, just 1º, as in a real car.

You can change the camber angle changing the inclination of the upper links

Note that the entire axle with its suspension, drive and brake system takes only 4 studs wide, it is placed just under the gearbox.

Finally some pictures with all parts together.

I hope you liked the car and the car design short lesson :)

Here you can see more pictures and bigger:

As you have appreciate many of the photos are taken from a CAD design, I have used SR3D.

The chassis and axles files is available for download in the INSTRUCTIONS page, enter and access to the Download folder

Warning! Digital file contains nearly 1100 pieces, if you don't have a powerful PC you can't open it properly.

If you have any comments or questions please write to


Unknown said...


Your level in incredible !!! The Veyron is amazing !!! And now, your supercar 2011 chassis is on the the way to be perfect !!!

And many thanks for sharing it with SR3D file :-)

Best regards !!!!

Ricky comisso said...

hi sheepo!! i'm new in your site. your car is AWESOME and is so realistic (camber,caster....)
please subscribe in my site:

Ricky comisso said...

P.S: i'm italian so i don't speack english very well =) sorry

tuur said...

amazing but if you build it on the pc you need to have instructions. whricht????
so can you share them also???????

tuur said...

p.s. i don't speak english as well:(

Unknown said...

where did you get these dimensions: camber angle, caster angle, Ackermann steering, etc...?

Sheepo said...

Honestly, I can't remember this, but I think I found that in some fans forum, or something like this...

Anonymous said...

si possono avere le istruzioni per ricrearne un altra? È incredibile ed è il miglior LEGO che abbia mai visto e mi piacerebbe aggiungerla alla mia collezione!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

As a normal Chinese who is bothered with the Internet wall, though I' ve been a crazy fan of yours for years, I have never succeeded in landing your site, so haven't most of your Chinese fans. It was always too hard to enjoy your BRILLIANT works for us. That was also what encouraged me to try harder.
Tonight is the moment that I finally manage to do it! My excitement is far beyond my best describetive words! Sheepo, you must reallize how Chinese fans LOVE and ADMIRE you!
There is a small request left: could you please set a site that Chinese can land freely? This is possible and not that difficult. And please give Chinese fans a bit more chances to communicate with you. We would appreciat it SO much that you help us.
Finally, I'd like to express my personal thanks for improving my English level a lot. Happy Chinese New Year as well as the Lantern Festival ! Wish you all the best!

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