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Friday, June 3, 2011

Advices to build a competitive RC Car. Part 3: Others advices

In this last part I will show you some other important features, as centrer of gravitiy or recomended wheels

- Center of gravity

This point is very important.

The location of the center of gravity has strong affects in car's performance.

In the RC cars always the most heavy part is de battery. It's position is very important, and always you should put it as down as possible.

The weight distribution between both axles is very important too. In the real streets cars the theory perfect weight distribution is 50% in each axle.

But my own experiende the perfect weight distribution for Lego Rc Cars is between 45-55 and 40-60

Calculate the weight distrubution is very easy, for do it you only need a scales.

1- With the car in horozontal possition, put only the front axle in the scales, that weight is the front axle weight (F), after put the rear axle, this is the rear axle weight (R).

2- For calculate the distribution you should use this formula:


- Recommended wheels

To have as much grip as possible, several things are important:

- Soft tyres
- Tyres as wide as possible

Also for reduce the transmission torque is recommended use middle or little diameter wheels.

Are very recomended:

- 43.2 x 22 ZR


- 56 x 28 ZR

- 62.4 x 20 S, this wheel are not the best, but it's good and very common

- 68.8 x 36 ZR

All this wheels are common and cheap.

- Fenders

It is very recommended to use a fenders.

This is especially important in the front, for protect the front axle how normally is little fragile.

Also is recommended for the sides to avoid getting caught

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Jorge Marcos said...

These cars are karts?

Sheepo said...

Not necessary, in my bricksself folder you can find some examples for RC cars

Rafael González-Cabero said...

Hola Sheepo,
una duda, existe alguna ventaja en el uso de la bateria con pilas respecto a la bateria recargable? El peso es mayor, pero aporta algo mas?

Un saludo!

Sheepo said...

Poes la verdad es que no. Es cierto que una caja de pilas con pilas alcalinas da algo mas de potencia que la batería de litio, pero la diferencia es muy poca y en cambio tiene mucho mas peso...

Lego Jedi Guru said...

Which language is your native language?

¿cuál es su lengua materna?

Sheepo said...



Anonymous said...

Sheepo you are the best! Love you!

Anonymous said...

hi sheepo,
I am trying to make an rc bugy powered by a xl motor for offroad use.What gaer ratio sould I use?

Sheepo said...

It's very important to know the wheels size... but with mid-sized, it will work fine in 1:1

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot! I am using 20x30 tyres.

Anonymous said...

sorry for double posting, I am the same anonymous.
Sould I use a diff?

Sheepo said...

With this little wheels not, you should look my XR7 rally car...

Anonymous said...

Sheepo you are the best! I am the anonymous with the rc bugy.thanks a lot for your advices, my car is now running perfectly!

Anonymous said...

go kart... I own a shifter kart that looks strangely similair to the green RC car.

Anonymous said...

Sheepo you are EPIC like LEGO GOD but where do u get all your pieces

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