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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Planetary gearbox with instructions

The gearboxes tend to locked when they are transmiting high torque, in this cases you need to use a clutch for disconnect the gearbox to the trasmission between speed changes.

For eliminate this problems exist a gearbox type which doesn't need clutch for change speeds, the planetary gearboxes.

It uses planetary gears connected between them, for changes speeds you only need lock the corresponding planetary gear without any other mechanism or clutches

This system is very comfortable for secuential gearboxes, but it has a big problem to built it with Lego.
Only exist two more or less planetary gears in Lego and both are big and uncomfortable: a turnable or a extrange Power Miners part

Using the planetary gearbox idea I have designed a version without planetary gears ;). It only uses standard gears (as z12, z16, z16 with clutch, z20...) and some axles and liftarms.

With the same base design you can built differents gearbox types.

Type 1: 3 speeds

- 1st speed: locking the first rotor the gear ratio is x0.8
- 2nd speed: without lock rotors, direct transmission x1
- 3rd speed: locking second rotor -> x1.6

Of course you can ger others gear ratio changing some gears

Type 2: Forward, neutral and reverse

Looks almost like the 3-speed type, but is very different.

- Neutral, without locking rotors
- Reverse, locking the first rotor
- Forward locking the second rotor

You can join some of  this types to built a big gearbox with more speeds, reverse and neutral. now some examples.

- 3 speeds in each direction and neutral

- 6 speeds

- 6 speeds in each direction and neutral

Try to make you onw configuration!!!

Also here you can see a video explaining how the gearbox works

You can see more pictures here:

And download instructions step by step for both in the INSTRUCTIONS page, enter and access to the Download folder

Thanks for reading!!!


Parda said...

Que barbaridad!

Me ha encantado la cantidad de inconvenientes que has logrado que jueguen a tu favor.


roeland said...

Wow!! But I can't see the video. It is blocked for my country.... :(

Parda said...

Music license trouble?

Sheepo said...

Youtube copyright rules sucks!! I am changing the audio track, it will be publish again comming soon...

Blastem said...

Great job!

Thinking about modularity in a Gearbox is quite impressive, but mix it with a planetary type, built with simple gears and liftarms is great!!!

Congratulations :)

roeland said...

Its' fixed!! Great design

KEvron said...

love it! planetary gears can be a mind bender.

not owning one, myself, i wasn't aware that 64712 featured an annulus gear. the only others of which i knew are the technic turntable and the hailfire droid wheel, and neither offer me very much practical application in that capacity. a new (to me) gear is a happy find!

would you please tell me the tooth count for that piece? and do the other "power miners" special elements, 64711 and 64713, also feature annulus gears? also, are these gears of the traditional gear style (it appears to me that they are) or are they of the bevel style?


Sheepo said...

Hi KEvron, 64712 has 48 tooth, 64711 doesnt have tooth, and the 64713 have 24 tooth.

KEvron said...

thanks so much for the info, and for the delightful realisations.

play well!


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