Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retro MOC: Dodge Viper RT/10

I built this MOC between years 2000 and 2002(I was 15...), and it recieved a little modifications in 2005

In that time I spend over 80% of my parts to build this car
Some parts of the car comes from set 8448.

- Front axle
It is a wider version of the 8448 front axle, with 4 more studs.

- Rear axle
It have double arm(Technic Brick 1x10) and traction.
Also it have friction brake and handbrake over de differential.

- Gearbox
It is a modified version of 8448 gearbox, with only 4 speeds.

- Car jack(gato)
Under the hood there are a car jack.

 - Pneumatic system
It operated the roof and the spoiler.

- Folding headlights
You can turn the headlights from the interior

A little video show all functions

You can find more pictires here:


You must think that I built this car when I was 15 ;)

I hope you like it!!!


Parda said...

My favourite Moc of your collection, cause the mean it has...

Nice to see it here!

Sheepo said...

I know it will like you!! LOL

TrinidadRacer said...

aww, awesome!

Anonymous said...

yo dude this is amazing. could you pleassssee send me instructions on how to make this pleaassse!

Stefan Desimpel said...

i am 15.... and there is no way i can build a car like that...

Anonymous said...

A very nice model, although, with one obvious flaw. The Viper has a V10 engine. (although a V12 is much cooler to build when you're 15.)

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