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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lego Fan Weekend 2012 in Skærbæk

At the end of the next month I will go to my first international event: The Lego Fan Weekend event in Skærbæk at September 29th and 30th

I will go there with some of my MOCs as:

- Bugatti Veyron 16.4
- Mini Cooper Mark I
- Land-Rover Defender 110
- Truck Trial 4x4, not presented in this website yet, but it appears in the Hispalug Technic Weekend video.

Also I will show there a complety new MOC.

It has around 5000 parts(it is not finished yet, but this is the biggest MOC I've ever built...) and a lot of functions: with new gearbox, new brakes system, new suspension system and much more!!!:

I will see you there!!!


Saturday 29. september

11.00: Exhibition opens
11.00: Childrens Building Competition 0-11 year starts
13.00: lotterydraw on entré tickets*
13.10: Adults Building Competition
15.45: Childrens Building Competition ends
16.00: Lottery Draw on entré tickets*
16.15: Childrens Building Competition - Prizes
17.00: Exhibition closes

Sunday 30. september

10.00: Exhibition opens
10.00: Childrens Building Competition 0-11 year starts
12.00: Lottery Draw on entré tickets*
12.10: Adult Building Competition
14.45: Childrens Building Competition ends
15.00: Lottery Draw on entré tickets*
15.15: Childrens Building Competitions - Prizes
16.00: Exhibition closes


Anonymous said...

You are Alive!

Anonymous said...


Zoli said...

I can't wait to see pics from the new MOC

Blastem said...

Can't wait to see that new big MOC.
As far as I know your building style it will be awsome.


Sander said...

5000 pieces.... where's the old video you posted with ACDC Hells Bells? And will you make another one to make us guess what you built?
Can't wait!

Sheepo said...

I moves this video to private in youtube to avoid some legal problems with the music :(. I won't make other similet video because I don0t have time... the MOC is not finished yet, I have some exams before the LFW and I need to study ;)

Jorge said...

I think that we all can say that we expect for a new instructions system haha. I thought I knew what you were doing but with the brakes and suspension I was wrong... Greetings and bon apetit I mean bon voyage.

Jorge again said...

I almost forgot, what about the 911 in Skærbæk?.

tuur said...

can you tell us at least the car brand??

Sheepo said...

Jorge I don't have enougth space to carry all my mocs... unfortunately

tuur, of course NOT.

Anonymous said...

You have to take your Porsche 911 to Skærbæk. It's your secound best MOC right now. Come on! I'm going to Skærbæk to see YOU and I'm from Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sheepo,

what happened to your idea of publishing building instructions?
what were the results of your web survey?

Greetings from bavaria

Henning M. said...

We are all looking forward to see you :-)
And I am looking forward to see your Mini Cooper moc up close.
I had one of these many years ago as my first car.

Best regards Henning M.

Parda said...

We are expecting your new MOC presentation!!

Anonymous said...

A very cool MOC you shoved at the Lego event.
Again a super creation from you.

I hope you will find the time to create som sort of instructions to your creations.

tuur said...

I am SOOOOO curious after you're new moc
can't wait to see it

Anonymous said...


*flies away*

Ryan said...

When do we get to see this new MOC?

Mariux446 said...

Helllo, Sheepo!

Since you are an expert Lego builder I'd like you to give me some feedbaack on my latest (and first) RC build. You can find it in my Brickshelf gallery here:

It uses 1 XL Lego motor (for driving), 2 M motors (one for steering and one for fake motor), doesn't have transmission, drives on 1:2 gear ratio, has nice realllistically opening doors. I'm planning on adding suspension and, maybe even transmission if itfits (need a compact one, at least 3 gears + R)It's still WIP.

tuur said...

what about you're new moc??

Sandesan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sheepo said...

Sorry Sandesan for delete your comment, but you wrote some mechanical details about the new moc...

Sandesan said...

Hi Sheepo,
No worries ;-) Figured you would do so, just like a previous post. I'll keep it superficial now. But the gain is that I know you're still up and running. The risk of you falling into the arms of a danish damsel, in love and completly forgetting to post new technic me the chills. ;-)
I had been researching Skaerbaek photo's and noticed some details. Makes me curious. Hope you'll show us soon some details.
Still: are you willing to show the exact technique of the LR110 gearbox??? Great slender dimensions...

Sheepo said...

Don't worry, I am here in my working place again, and working in one more new moc. But before present the LFW moc I need fix some bugs on it... it has some problems with transmission and suspension, as soon as I fix it, I will make the complete presentation and a video.

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