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Thursday, March 24, 2016

About SR3D Builder modeling software

I have been using SR3D Builder to create my digital models after finish my real models from more than 5 years.

I use it because in my opinion it is the best software to create technic models. You can do more things and it has more parts than LDD, and it is easier, more intuitive and quicker to build than MLCad.

Also its 3D models files are compatible with all LDraw tools(MLCad, LDview, etc).

But unfortunately, Sergio Reano, the creator of this awesome program passed away in October 2014.

But today is not possible download the progran fron its official site(HERE).

Quick guide about how to install lastest SR3D in your PC (Windows 7 o newer)

I have uploaded the lastest free available version(, you can download it HERE.

SR3D uses a very particular software and windows functions to run in and it is hard to get it running correctly.

Usually when try to install SR3D in your PC the installation finish correctly without any advise.

But when you try to execute the program and error message window appears and you can't use it.

I bought a new PC a few months ago and I spend more than 6 hours to find a solution to get the SR3D work properly. I downloaded the newest drivers for all PC devices, newest DirectX, all Windows updates, trying with older SR3D versions, anything you can imagine and nothing worked.

But finally I found a very easy solution for this problem. Actually I don't know why it works, but it does.

This solution worked for in two differents PC, so I hope it work for you too if you can't get the SR3D run correctly.

1 - Uninstall any version of SR3D and LDraw you have in your PC.

2 - Download the lastest version of LDraw All-in-One which included SR3D Builder, it was the 2013_1_v1 version. You can download it HERE

3 - Instant LDraw software tools including at least MLCad, LDraw and SR3D Builder ( version), I recomend install all tools because they need just a few MB in your HDD.

4 - When the LDraw installation end open SR3D, and finish the instalation (rebuild part list).

5 - When SR3D finish it must work properly with all its functions, but it is not in the lastest version.
Then you can keep in that version if you want, or upgrade it.

6 - To upgrade it just close SR3D and install the lastest version ( normaly. When the instalation finish it should work properly.

Now if you want you can upgrade LDraw if you want to any version you wish.

I hope this short guide can help you.


Xiuxuan Wang said...

Hi, Sheepo. Thank you for sharing. Is the software working in Mac?

Sheepo said...

No, it is only for Windows. But many Ldraw tools work in MAC

Anonymous said...

Hey sheepo. Thank you very much for putting this information because I tried to download sr3d 1000 times and didn't work but your solution is great. Thank you

Josh said...

Does SR3d work on windows 10?

Sheepo said...

Yes, it does. Right now I am using it on Win 10

Pops said...

Thank you very much Sheepo! It work perfect for me on Win 10

Pops said...

Please, could you tell me what are the best tutorials on SR 3dBuilder.

Sheepo said...

Try with the official SR3D website.

Pops said...

Thank you! but it seems that all content in the "User Manuals" section of official SR3D website was deleted..."URL not found". That's why I asked you if you knew other sources.

Anonymous said...

Hola Fernando, what will be the next instruction you will sell? Are you planning a new car?

Sheepo said...

My new car is finished, I am working in the instructions to release both at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I tried to Install like written here in the Quick Guide under Windows 10 but I can't get it to work. Is there another trick how to get it to work?!

Anonymous said...

Does it work on Ubuntu 14.04 ?

Sheepo said...

I don't know, but download it and try!!

Anthony Zellermeyer said...

Thanks Sheepo. Sad to hear about Sergio's passing. He and I had emailed back and forth about SR3D a few years ago.

Thacher Shields said...

Does anyone have a copy of the user manual? When I drag parts around, they snap to things and I can figure out how to rotate and shift them. They seem to only snap to other blocks.

rszarvas said...

Hello, i made the install twice as you write, but when started the program, have an error:

The file ZSTUD.DAT contain an error: probably TAB character instead of space or there is a missed zero '0' before a dot '.'.
The line containing the error is: 4 16 -4 0 -1.5 -4 -4 1.5 -4 0 1.5
SR 3D Builder will terminate

I close sr3d with only task manager.
In the sr3d folder and in the ldraw folder zstud.dat files not contains this line...

What is the problem? (win10/64bit)

Sheepo said...

Hi, I am sorry but I don't know what is happening with your SR3D

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem of rszarvas...anyone resolved?

Anonymous said...

Hi, what is promotional code for registration?

Getta 0422 said...

At 4% it goes network error when downloading this all in one ldraw

Getta 0422 said...

if someone needs to download it but download wont work click here:

Anonymous said...

@Sheepo: I checked if SR3D can still be purchased and it cannot; the paypal link is dead. I was able to make a functional registration.key generator for it, but am not sure if and where/how this could be legally distributed.

Anonymous said...

same problem of rszarvas

Frank Gile said...

Hi Sheepo,
I followed your instructions up to before upgrading SR3D to its latest version. When I install the newer version of SR3D, I'm guessing I'm overwriting on where the older SR3D version is? I cannot get it to work for me..
Thanks for your effort on this post,

Unknown said...

@Anonymous: Would you share your registration.key generator? I spent hours in searching for a way for using the advanced features of this great software. It's a shame this will be locked for all future :-(

Anonymous said...

I got it to work like this:
(no Ldraw or any of the other programs pre-installed which come the the "All-in-on-installer")
1.) Installed latest dot-Net framework, and DirectX module
2.) Downloaded SR3D installer from your link (see above: version(, you can download it HERE)
3.) On my computer the program was installed into this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\SR 3D Builder
4.) During installation a window will pop up asking you to unpack the self-extracting archive "FullDownload.exe"
5.) If you simply click [OK], then it'll extract into the same folder.
6.) The self-extracting process will create these folders: Conns, Images, Images_L, Model, p, parts, Temp, TPart, Unofficial.
7.) These are the folders, SR3D tries to find when it asks for "Choose base LDraw Folder (the one you choose for extracting part library)", so select the parent folder, in my case folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\SR 3D Builder"

Bert Lindeman said...

Have been fiddling all day to get sr3d working on win10 (At creators update) without success until I installed DirectX 9 SDK from

Sigh . . . Now it finally starts.
But now complains about ZSTUD.DAT it lacks a character zero before a dot. Hmm no very helpfull.

Anonymous said...

In the folder SR 3D Builder there is the file cachelist.txt
in there remove zstud.dat and it worked for me.


Anonymous said...

I would like to get the full version (with animation). What do I need to do? You can not buy a key.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right, he said...

In the folder SR 3D Builder there is the file cachelist.txt
in there remove zstud.dat and it worked for me.

Unknown said...

Ciao, qualcuno riesce a usare tutte le funzoni come se fosse registrato?

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